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@PhotoCasey Also, I assume you’re not running iOS 11 beta, right?
@PhotoCasey If a device restart doesn’t help then you can try deleting the app, restarting device and fresh re-install.
@alimoosa191 Oh yes. Once we get the Mac version out we’ll circle back.
@PhotoCasey Sounds like network speed. That’s typically what it is. Might try restarting the device
@deandmx yeah, we’re digging into it. Trying to determine why they don’t show when not following. Twitter’s bug or ours
@deandmx Do you follow this account?
@TheDorkReport If you can see the window, Command-, (the standard preferences shortcut) will work fine.
@deandmx @tweetsdistilled I checked this and we’re not hiding them, Twitter just isn’t delivering them on people you don’t follow. Strange.
@roessli @Iconfactory @cybmed No, thank you for your support! Enjoy the swag.
@thatslife4me @Iconfactory Most welcome, thanks for your support of Phoenix!
@Kamikaze28 Nope, can’t support Twitter polls until Twitter releases an API for it to 3rd parties. So far they haven’t.
@aztecs99 @jenlovestea The Iconfactory owns and makes Twitterrific. What’s up?
RT @jenlovestea: Tried using the official Twitter app for a bit. It's horrendous- I lasted 3 days. Now using Twitterific.
@DaveOnFidalgo This is always the way it’s been. Sometimes replies and thread are long. They gotta load in
@DaveOnFidalgo No idea what you’re talking about. We haven’t changed how replies are handled at all. Twitter might…
@dgiffin Woooot!!👍🖖
@Olli_W_ @kinaj Looks awesome, thanks for your support! cc @cottonbureau
@matthewboniface @barig224 @tweetbot We’re free to try. Have fun!
@fzwob The return key is under the 123 key on Apple’s twitter keyboard

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