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@waldi76 They’re in compose under the little document icon
@soundshadow87 Try clearing your timeline cache. Instructions here -
@Eisenhorn76 Nothing, seems to be a bug. We’re investigating. Apologies! #hanginthere
@mitchell209 Cross-platform consistency, more memorable than just 1x, 1.5x, 1.8x etc
@mitchell209 Because its not a number, its a multiplier based off a few factors like Dynamic Type and internal prefs.
@savior1980 Appreciate your support!
@IVBor_7 Ah okay. A sharing extension for Mac is on the to do list.
@mitchell209 Some people have reported this, we have no idea why it’s happened. Looking into it, try and hang in there.
@IVBor_7 Sorry, I don’t understand.
@savior1980 Thanks! If you have a moment to leave a review in the App Store we would really appreciate it!
@haruki_zaemon Thanks!
@ericscheid Update to today’s 5.18.1 version to fix
@iantonioribeiro There will always be people who want more tweets in the timeline. How much is enough? 2000? 3000?…
@dougierydal We will see but unlikely. They are necessary for a bunch of reasons.
@nagato708 It should sync automatically
@jy752 Yeah we’re going to have to bring control of this back in the new year.
@jackie_rumble You cannot post or edit polls in 3rd party twitter apps, no. There’s no API for them
@tamashii Yep, you’ll only get it once.
@nagato708 The update we released today should allow them to be unlocked across devices. Have you updated yet?

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