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thanks twitter... we have now no limits to use their API
we have fixed some bugs during the night.. thx for your testing
you can upload wavs, mp3s, oggs, etc.... we will try to add any formats you wish
first public bug done... we had small problem with mp3 files converter... but it's done
welcome to public beta
in the nest week we will finish email posting module and API
tomorrow is the first day of TwiPod public beta... so visit us and test us
what we need is only a few days to fix all bugs form the alpha tests
next business week... you will see our product
we are making last changes in the service security...
estimating time of public beta tests... second part of the next week
@vimoh yep.. 2 emails sounds simply the best.. without any forms and check box
@vimoh... Sure... all users will have it.. but with this options (mean auto pod on or off)... should be 2 emails? or sth else?
@vimoh... sure... but how to make it in email posting?
imagine... hello world audio... is this good idea to add it to rss podcasts?
Just wondering.. Should audio files be submitted automatically to podcast and twitter or just to twitter and manually to podcasts rss?
should we pay for social services?
alpha testing time
@vimoh... posting via email... will be done in the first version
website design...done! make it html... 2do now

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