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RT @ChicagoDesign: With the beautiful @brigidmarie getting sandwiches. (@ Now Serving Cafe)
RT @ChicagoDesign: Waiting for a tow... Arg. (@ Cd One Price Cleaners)
RT @ChicagoDesign: With the lovely @brigidmarie getting some Mexican before the movie. (@ Casa Margarita w/ 2 ...
RT @ChicagoDesign: Zombie food. Om nom. (at @McDonalds)
RT @ChicagoDesign: I feel like a zombie. Braaains. (@ Metra - La Grange Road - @metrabnsf)
RT @ChicagoDesign: Nah nah, nah nah Monday morning... (@ Metra - La Grange Road - @metrabnsf w/ 2 others) http...
RT @ChicagoDesign: Time for a hangover with @brigidmarie. (at @HollywoodBlvd for The Hangover Part III w/ 8 ot...
RT @ChicagoDesign: Give me my iPhone! (@ Verizon Wireless)
RT @ChicagoDesign: I like starting the week on a Tuesday. (@ Metra - La Grange Road - @metrabnsf w/ 3 others) ...
RT @ChicagoDesign: I need rock help! Do these appear to be Obsidian or Flint? @kwinkunk...
RT @ChicagoDesign: Look at those BigGasSavings! Go #kmart!
RT @ChicagoDesign: Going off the rails on a crazy train. Sitting in the rear car is nuts sometimes. http://t.c...
RT @ChicagoDesign: I'm not really the here, just feel like checking in. (at @FamilyVideo)
RT @ChicagoDesign: What a wet mess of a day. (@ Metra - La Grange Road - @metrabnsf)
RT @ChicagoDesign: Clear skies ahead. (@ Metra - La Grange Road - @metrabnsf)
RT @ChicagoDesign: Good morning world. I'm off to the city. (@ Metra - La Grange Road - @metrabnsf) http://t.c...
RT @ChicagoDesign: I'm dedicated to become the mayor of the train station. Yes, then I will have everything......
RT @ChicagoDesign: Back to work. To the city! (@ Metra - La Grange Road - @metrabnsf)
RT @ChicagoDesign: What a beautiful day so far. (@ Metra - La Grange Road - @metrabnsf)
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