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Cool + interesting: the Library of Congress has acquired the entire Twitter archive of public tweets --
"7 Insanely Useful Ways to Search Twitter." Seriously useful piece by @ducttape:
Follower count on Twitter doesn't equal influence. More evidence, derived from a huge data set:
"No one in Congress is doing a particularly outstanding job using Twitter." Good analysis by @eyeonfda:
Beyond the RT: useful innovation in Twitter syntax, from @chrismessina: /via @venturehacks
Looking for smart, funny, surprisingly well-written explanations of Twitter's trending topics? Check out @brizzly's Twitter app.
A peek into Twitter's plan to deploy ads: via/@dontgetcaught @niemanlab
"He could be the diamond in the rough, the guy you want to know" @marshallk analyzes social-data analysis:
Dance group incorporates Twitter + Wii into its performances. Smart, interesting. /via @lmistein
"10 Innovative Ways To Use Twitter For Business" offers solid advice: /via @joshmilstein
Breaking news: For Valentine's Day 2010, candy hearts will include "Tweet Me"
Cool stuff: aim your phone at this building in Tokyo to reveal tweets from people inside: /via @twitter
The NYT's twitter list for Haiti info is exactly what news orgs should do (tho the posts are devastating).
Timeless advice: "Zen and the Art of Twitter: 4 Tips for Productive Tweeting" /via @amyjokim
“People like to tweet after earthquakes." So USGS develops Twitter-based detection system:
Nice post,by @2xlp, on the difficulty of using Twitter for CPM advertising: (CPA, CPC are diff stories)
Ten Reasons Why Using Twitter Will Boost Your Happiness. Nice post by @gretchenrubin:
What would Jane Austen have twittered? New blog post:
"The more devices someone owns, the more likely they are to use Twitter." Pew Internet on status updates
Twitter is going pro. By which we mean it's integrating w/LinkedIn. The NYT story:

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