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Sari Silk tassels were getting low so I just finished a brand new batch of fabulous colors..... https://t.co/sCY10E8ESa
The FINAL 2017 “Color” Giveaway https://t.co/HAebNgMzM0 via @byrenae
https://t.co/m6c9IZJoOs https://t.co/65Ir4hsq3P
https://t.co/b0hRSO3DZ6 https://t.co/g9QefUiAUc
https://t.co/b0hRSO3DZ6 https://t.co/u1uXU4979O
https://t.co/SlUgCliuCw https://t.co/Hn0txieJ0p
https://t.co/C8xoZvcGnl https://t.co/U0VRGE38RN
https://t.co/C8xoZvcGnl https://t.co/bKoSelrLhB
Natural Amethyst Necklace-Bali Sterling Silver Locket Necklace https://t.co/CoYI7Ao0JT via @Etsy
Ethiopian Opal Necklace With Pink Mystic Quartz Pendant https://t.co/czbVSXjXNZ via @Etsy
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Red Garnet Necklace With Sterling Owl Pendant https://t.co/A8MRLdeQyz via @Etsy
Tourmaline Necklace With Green Garnet Pendant-Pendant Necklace https://t.co/ZxIDb30uGi via @Etsy
Rose Quartz Necklace With Mystic Quartz & Garnet Pendant https://t.co/IQt42YHn0e via @Etsy
Garnet Beaded Bracelet-Green Garnet Bracelet https://t.co/ZUPyIRZ9Pw via @Etsy
Morganite Bracelet With Sterling Silver Lotus https://t.co/AS7DFKLEsw via @Etsy
Rhodonite Energy Bracelet With Ohm Charm-Gemstone https://t.co/IY9vihOA6C via @Etsy
Natural Ruby Necklace-Bali Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace https://t.co/3tJGOwMVli via @Etsy
Faceted Quartz Necklace-Bali Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace https://t.co/SbxdTgw2fD via @Etsy
Apatite https://t.co/nNmyOR0at1 via @Etsy

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About TuscanRoad

Unique jewelry designs, with components found on numerous world travels, and lampwork made by me & my son. I love to read, garden, travel & blog about it all.

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