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Wood or cardnoard? A well built couch
@peytonpeek33 halloo & howdy!
How can you have daily weed money but no rent money. Guess you'll be firing up outside.
I'm a truck stop. Don't steal from the isles. Gas up, get a shower, grab a bite, get a cup, rest your eyes, move on. Don't be a lot lizard
RT @DryCreekEarthsh: Simple truths! https://t.co/93DXQSlCJS
RT @yago1: Fruits & vegetables at #PermaTree 🍋🍓🍌🍊 papayas,  bananas, cacao, sugar cane, pineapple, neem, noni, zapote, guanábanas, mango #t…
RT @regenerative_md: High sugar intake is linked to obesity. We want to help you lose weight and live a happier healthier lifestyle. https:…
RT @wilsonconews: Learn about living a regenerative lifestyle, local food, agriculture https://t.co/itNk9tOovW
RT @DenverEarthship: VISTIT US AT http://t.co/lKeMgiAX4u or http://t.co/DHVjDXS6vn LOTS OF PERMIE AND EARTHSHIP LOVELINESS... COME VISIT!
1 month,1 day in Denver as my future is bright w/ prospects. A day closer to complete self sufficiency & freedom. #teamdenverearthship
RT @EcoWatch: Outdoor Industry Leaders: 'Enough Is Enough!' Protect Our Public Lands https://t.co/Yeu8s5VZ9P @BlackDiamond @ClifBar
RT @RiveraSunAuthor: An American dies every 36 seconds of poverty. More in 1 year than all USA soldiers killed in all wars https://t.co/qfx…
RT @ecofhp: Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine. -Robert C. Gallagher #quotes #humor
RT @mashable: Finally a bike that will follow you around all by itself... https://t.co/BbZYvfsVX1
Love you Auntie "Flo Jo"
RT @RhiannonCylee77: #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #MniWiconi #KeepItInTheGround #StandingRockSioux #PeopleOverProfit #SaveThePlanet https://t.co/ob…
I asked myself.."what do you want for Christmas?" I moved to Denver! Think it's a nice New Year's present too. #earthshipdenver here I come!
@missjillscott I'd believe it a be forlorn...thinking why not sing in Denver? Your words hold water in my book! -forever fan
Stay tuned Denver, Colorado. Opportunities are kicking at our door!
In real life, I'm hermit that wants to live in the middle of a NM desert.#earthshiplife

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