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why hasn’t a #pr0n site made something of
@toddperkinz: RT @easyDNS: Rediculous All .com domains are now subject to US law: #bodog #icann #domains #sopa #acta
Scary - make sure you trust your register
4th of Feb will go down in the history of the web:
ICANN is about to allow the release of thousands of new top level domains. Big changes are ahead for the web as we know it...
High Profile Australian Domain Name up for sale.
> traceroute (some DNS craziness right there)
RT @doteco: Could domain name .eco be a force for environmental change? via @guardian - comment now open!
RT @TrendsDomains: "Don't follow trends, start trends." #FrankCapra
RT @melbourneitdbs: Beckstrom: ICANN May Deny New gTLD Applications If They Got An Unfair Advantage In Seeing Others I.. ...
See what #newTLDs are all about.
@PayPalXau having issues trying to create an invoice/money request through your website. Getting "your last action could not be completed"
RT @buzzdomains: On hold at Melbourne IT.. 7 minutes.. this is how that treat resellers buying domains @ $120 wholesale??
RT @buzzdomains: ICANN Approved .XXX Good times ahead for the domain industry! #domains #domain-names
RT @mashable: How much would you pay for the domain name? How about a cool million bucks? -
@google why don't you have a whois lookup extension built into the search results? #idea #domains for sale. DM to enquire.
The most popular world domains (handmade visualized)
auDA releases the 1st public consultation round for comments on the 2010 Australian Names Policy Panel Discussion Paper.
RT @gr8names: Microsoft wins dispute of Bing domain names (

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