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@LCUtilities power on and off for our weekly "flicker", ridiculous!
@LCUtilities just like clockwork power off then on 1x per week between 8-9. Love it! #Farmington
@tailofthedragon you got fucking virus's all over this website you dumb shits
@rileytrader414 @HF_Trader @FuturesTrader71 @eminiwizard Pardon the noob Q? but what is the significance of the "10…
@Fast_Money Thanks and awesome week for you, enjoy. Think of you often 1st trading book i ever read = yours!
Nice trend up, 5 1 pt. scalps = $250 trading 1 lot, $2500 trading 10, soon. Done b4 10 just like @Fast_Money teaches
Finally got thru the mid-line and 30 min OR #ES_F $ES_F
Good day for being slow and rangey(?) 18 1pt scalps just taking the BO trades. + $660 #ES_F
@steenbab awesome you did a wonderful thing, thx from all the #rescue folks out there - spread the word #CatDreamsComeTrue @theanimalrescue
Great down trend and MM from 11/4 high, 12 or so possibles, got six. Done for today. #ES_F
Another great day scalping #ES_F
nice 1 pointers again in only a 10 pt. range. #ES_F
Nice 1 pt moves on the #ES_F
Security is important, @CapitalOne. We'd like it if you supported two factor auth. #SupportTwoFactorAuth
@jfahmy Thx Joe, great advice, here's a great sports analogy u might like:
@Andrew_Menaker thanks, looking forward to your webinar.
@Andrew_Menaker good grief, what does he trade?
My first message sent from HootSuite!

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