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If any small businesses, websites or people would like to sponsor future contests please get in touch -
To follow up on my comment from yesturday there will infact be no contest this week... Sorry!
Unfortunately there could be a problem with our sponsor and contest for this coming week... More info when we have it!
So anyone else just about to watch the new Red Dwarf on Dave? - (sorry anyone who's not in the UK!)
Whoo we hit 1,000 followers while I slept, Thank you everyone!
Potato Wedges are currently winning...JUST! It's very close all round!
Simple Question: Which do you prefer normal Chips/Fries, Curley Fries or Potato Wedges?
@Twittertweet Do you have a message/etc you'd like to share today?
@heyitsjanet It should be with you very soon, I'll go and chase that up to make sure.
So anyone got any news, events, campaigns or messages they'd like to share over the coming days?
I’m thinking of doing a shoutout (news, events, campaigns, messages) a day, so not too much spam, what do you all think? Useful or Annoying?
:) These are his words not ours!!! - "@Abcmsaj is sexy and has a sexy YouTube channel? :P "
I might give a few random shoutouts if anyone has a message they'd like to share?
Whoo 800 followers, welcome new people! As I said before there will be no contest today but...
There wont be a contest again this week, Sorry! I think for now we are going to stick with Bi-Weekly contest to give me more time to do work
This week's winners have been announced (, Congratulations to @sourfruit and @blearyboy - and single clap for @Sam0n
@madly59 Just announced the winners now (!
or if that's not your thing, then why not enjoy some tunes by Pocket Satellite (
Why not kick back, relax and listen to some Jazz by Tie-Dye Quartet ( while we try to decide on the winners...
This Week's contest is now CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who entered there have been some very entertaining responses!

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