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Hollywood (and the #Oscars) wouldn't be the same without the contributions of these leading ladies from the 1950s.…
There will never be another actress quite like Ingrid Bergman.
RT @LegacyObits: Norma McCorvey, known best as the "Jane Roe" in "Roe v. Wade," died on Saturday surrounded by family. Read more: https://t…
RT @LegacyObits: .@FoxNews "Bulls & Bears" host Brenda Buttner has died of cancer. Read more about her life and career:…
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When it comes to planning for your death, you now have to consider your digital life too.
Gwendolyn Brooks was such a talented poet. What have you read by her? #BlackHistoryMonth
This story of a widow skipping #grief counseling is really interesting. via @HuffingtonPost
Sandra Dee (aka America's Sweetheart) really was one of a kind.
This #PresidentsDay, we're celebrating U.S. presidents, yes, but we're also recognizing the people who raised them.…
This #BlackHistoryMonth, we're celebrating those that don't get the recognition they deserve.
A few of our former U.S. presidents had some pretty odd jobs before they became #POTUS.
Legendary musician Kurt Cobain would've turned 50 today. See who else was born on this day in history:…
Dear Harper Lee, We miss you.
In honor of #PresidentsDay weekend, we're remembering some of the best presidential #quotes of all time.
On the Day of Remembrance, we honor the Japanese Americans whose lives were upended by the U.S. during WWII.…
Happy birthday, #JohnHughes! We've rounded up his best movies in celebration:
#DidYouKnow that Maria Franziska von Trapp on this day in 2014 at age 99? Discover more of today's notable deaths:…
How would you react if your mother's death was kept from you your whole life? via @2sisNY and @thescienceofus
RT @LegacyObits: We're keeping the victims of the Pakistan Sufi Shrine Bombing and their families in our thoughts. Read more:…

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