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On the blog: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien In Austria - Read it all here:
Here's another photo I'm using in the new Hasselblad X1D review. Olya, our awesome and nutty Russian videographer!…
Currently working on the Hasselblad X1D review over on the blog... going through a few of my favorite shots…
I was out at Lake Hayes today collecting some footage for a fun project & I decided to animate the finished result…
On the blog: There’s Parliament Again - Read it all here:
@theharryshearer I'm watching Tap on a cold winter's night on the south island of New Zealand and loving you in it. :)
This was taken on a cold night in Morocco. #Chefchaoen
Here's the inside of the plane I flew on when going to Antarctica for the 10-hour flight from Christchurch.
On the blog: Adventuring In Rotterdam - Read it all here:
@SarahKSilverman watching now on Netflix - I'm excited :)
Venice from above (yes, the music is obvious... but so beautiful, why not?!? - it always gets me) -
Some awesome elephants in Botswana... definitely my favorite animal other than my dog Blueberry!
Tried paddleboard yoga, hour-long panic rather than hour-long zen. This is a class I was tempted to take in Aruba.…
On the blog: Subway Stations Of Moscow - Read it all here:
On the blog: Mont Saint Michel In The Dark - Read it all here:
Here's another Plotagraph (been making a lot lately-testing something secret!) I love how the grass moves makes me…
Here are my girls coming out of the ocean at the end of the day. I released this photo earlier but decided to anima…
On the blog: Beautiful Budapest - Read it all here:
Amazing... Floaty McLuxeBoat! Sign me up! :)
Working on a @PlotagraphPro photo where it has one face melt into another... a new thing just added to the software…

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