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引っ越しで失敗したこと - 私は最近一人暮らしを始めました。自己都合の引っ越しだったので、時間はたっぷりあり...
引越しは安いシーズンに行うように - 会社の都合で引越しをするときには、引越しをする期限が決められている場合がありま...
@IAmShawnaKaye Beautiful
@ShaniaTwain This was my introduction to country music. Still one of my favorites.
RT @ShaniaTwain: Happy birthday 'The Woman In Me'. 22 years old today! 🎉🎂
RT @Luvvie: I'VE BEEN SITTING ON THIS NEWS. Dream. Come. True.
RT @TionnaSmalls: This movie shady tho for not showing Bobby's solo success tho. #NewEditionBET
RT @BET: Mood. #NewEditionBET
That Can You Stand the Rain hit me in my spirit. #NewEditionBET 💜
RT @CheneseLewis: Johnny Gill like I didn't sign up for this mess! #NewEditionBET
RT @youngsinick: When you think you're Beyoncé, but life is gonna show you that you need LeLee and Taj. #NewEditionBET
I'm loving this portrayal of Michael Bivins. #NewEditionBET
RT @drgoddess: Wait. WAIT. So, they got white Gary and STILL didn't get a lawyer or read the contract? I can't... #NewEdition #CanYouStandT…
RT @Luvvie: AW SNAP!!! Brook got a Twitter! @Brookepayne
RT @gennatay: Bobby watching Ralph sing lead. #NewEditionBET #CanUStandTheTea
RT @RonDeVoe: #MomDukes was & still is a rider 4 my uncle Brooke! #FamilyFirst • I'm glad my uncle Stroh made sure that no matter what, #IM…
RT @MrRickyBell: @brookepayne did nothing wrong by us! He knew about as much as we did and looked out for us as best he could #NewEditionBet
RT @MrRickyBell: We felt so damn corny singing and dancing through the halls of MCA records #NewEditionBet "Ham it up" they would say
RT @Luvvie: Duane Martin and Tank and these busted wigs. 😂😂😂 #NewEditionBET

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