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.@CBSThisMorning check your facts - @PeteforDNC WAS at the South Bend, IN march Saturday! Check his feed-photos to prove it.
@PeteforDNC Gr8 you were there; so you know - @CBSThisMorning just said NO prospective DNC chairs were at marches - hope they correct that!
Hot topic these days - thoughtful approach: U.S. Food Policy: A more constructive approach to SSB restrictions i...
Interesting analysis-how abt incentives 4 f/v & limits on soda? In Shopping Carts of Food Stamp Houses: Lots of Soda
Nice to see the addition of activity in the Super Tracker - check it out!
USDA and HHS join forces to help us be healthy and active! Check out the new Super Tracker! via @GovDelivery
This is a great (short) report on innovative happenings in food banks across the country - worth the read. They...
Interesting rpt! Feeding the Line, Or Ending the Line? Innovations among Food Banks in the US - via @trfund
Updated WIC food packages work!
Updated WIC food packages work! NASEM’s new #WICStudy "Review of WIC Food Packages Improving Balance and Choice"
Yes - school meals matter! Eating School Lunch Is Associated with Higher Diet Quality among Elem School Students
Interesting and important read - you will be surprised!
Healthy school meals CAN BE A REALITY! School Meal Programs Innovate to Improve Student Nutrition via @pewtrusts
Tks @gerrydick 4 hosting & all 4 participating; it can't stop here- advocate, educate & act to end food insecurity! #infoodaccess
A8-check out the Map the Meal site and educate yourself about food insecurity in your area: #infoodaccess
A8-invite YOUR local leaders 2 food pantry/food prg 2 educate them on need 2 invest & protect! Take SNAP participant w/ U! #infoodaccess
A7-fund HFFI, protect SNAP, support new SNAP retailer rules and BE SMART about food insecurity #infoodaccess
A6- @USDA just announced new rule 2 improve access 2 healthy food choices for #SNAP participants #infoodaccess
A6 - YUP - FUNDING and policy makers not as willing to invest in the most vulnerable! #infoodaccess
A5-voluntary solutions-food banks, backpack prgs, farmers mkts R gr8 but can't do it al! federal programs must be protected! #infoodaccess

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