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RT @wesstreeting: @DonaldJTrumpJr You use a terrorist attack on our city to attack London's Mayor for your own political gain. You're a dis…
RT @Tim_Canova: It's absurd that Wall Street banks get interest rates below one percent, yet students pay seven percent and higher on their…
RT @ChelseaFansYT: .@TheFootballRep am I wrong? We're currently losing to a team who's assistant manager is a full time dentist? #HodgsonOut
RT @driverlouis: That speech was the most prepared hodgson has been since taking over #HodgsonOut #Eng
@GaryLineker premier league club better pick hodgson up. He might go do a Ranieri now!
@StringerSport @SteveClaridge Claudio would bring passion and belief
Where's the #Shame nun? Hodgson needs a walk of atonement all the way back to England. #England #EURO2016 #hodgsonOUT #GameofThrones
@GaryLineker I'd say it's an upset, but after watching #England in #EURO2016, it's really not #hodgsonOUT #RanieriIn #ThreeLions
RT @GaryLineker: Can't wait to do the fucking highlights show!
Hodsgson "so get this guys; I'll put @vardy7 on and not use his pace. Iceland won't know what hit em." #SoSmart #hodgsonOUT #eng @FA
Desperation shots from outside the 18. No purpose. No passion. No creativity. And let's have Kane take kicks now. #eng #hodgsonOUT
@StringerSport if only #ENG had a fwd w/pace & a mid who could pop the ball over top to him. If only. #hodgsonOUT @DannyDrinkwater @vardy7
@FA . Strength was suppose to be in attack. Only bagged 4 goals. 0 vs Slovakia. Tactics are awful. Get #hodgsonOUT #ENG #Euro2016 #ENGICE
@StringerSport why is it that England don't take advantage of the pace @vardy7 ? Too many lateral passes and never testing the back 4 👎
@GaryLineker would it kill England to pick up the tempo at times and go over the top to @vardy7?! Slovakia look too comfy
RT @JakeSWightman: Claudio Ranieri: The only man to have completed football manager in real life
Champions! I haven't seen a table like that since I last played Football Manager!!! #lcfc…
RT @FuchsOfficial: CHAMPIONS!!!!
RT @pumafootball: UNfuc*kingBELIEVABLE. @LCFC. #5000to1
RT @vardy7: ....

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