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Really looking forward to getting a copy:! Millenials: this grew just as fast as you grew up when u were an infant
@Shilaamzah I've watched every performances of yours on 我是歌手, I went to your concert in HK. Seeing you still true to urself, it's admirable.
@Shilaamzah Good job at I am Singer, keep it up!
Hey, do you know the name of this song?
I'm at level 100 in "Pop Music Game"
I'm at level 1 in "Pop Music Game"
Get it while still free Do you prefer Find Animals or Words with Friends?
Hitting the charts: "Find Animals". Top-10 in UK & Top-25 in major markets - US next -
New 2012 Game Launch: "Find Animals", a challenging & cute animals puzzle game.
Typically a proponent of real value creation over financial engineering, but gotta give it to Icahn breaking up MOT & now MMI buyout by GOOG
Man ... now the Chinese copies beyond software but even (apple) storefronts - - should we bring in NATO?
S3 outage crashed front-ends w/ backed up I/Os: gonna start taking backups of 'em too ... still better than (Java) Appengine though
Google+'s innovation a copy of the best-in-breed? I think they may finally have a secret sauce this time, but will stick be a 1-trick pony Circles = Facebook List, Hangouts = Foursquare, Instant Upload = Photosharing, Sparks = Twitter, Huddle = Group SMS
Check out Food Pics, kid you not - - Hot New iPhone App - Yummy photos .. and plain .... Food Porn! Meet Foodies too!
Just launched the cutest doggie app: - Check it out!
If dogs aren't your bag, perhaps kitties:
@rodtwitzky launching a new service...& his blog facebook fan pages...
Fox reporting Osama Bin Laden dead! Still awaiting white-house special presidential address....
RT @bryce: the @oatv employee of the month mouse pad has struck again! congrats @TonyMak!

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