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Well, of course, cause even the Hulk succumbs to trendy Liberal nonsense hate, & refusal to 'understand' POTUS stra…
RT @ErinLAlbert: Looking forward to this! @cardinalhealth @PharmacyPodcast #pharmacy #businessofpharmacy
RT @ToddEury: Women in #Pharmacy: Community and networking to support pharmacists and owners @cardinalhealth #RBC20…
Women in #Pharmacy: Community and networking to support pharmacists and owners…
RT @CPFgrants: Community #Pharmacists & POCT @PharmacyPodcast
@TanyaMiecy ⌚️ I'm patient. @TanyaMiecy 🤔
RT @DuquesnePharm: Congrats to #DuqPharm alum Jonathan Ogurchak and .@PANTHERxPharm, recognized at the .@ZitterHealth Specialty Pharmacy Pa…
@TanyaMiecy Find me a conservative "semi-famous" comedian that did anything comparable. Tea-Party loon-no-bodies do…
Threatening the life of the POTUS isn't protected under free speech and Kathy Griffin should be arrested. This...
Super Debate: Do Parents have the right to deny modern medicine for their children based on their "faith...
Just popped up, the Friendivesary
My Girl & I ---- Memorial Day 2017
This has been my theory from 6 months ago
Move along people & main-stream media, nothing to see here. Christians being slaughtered. Not even a story.
Otters are the Jack Russel's of the water-world Karen Purvis ---- I want an Otter.
Haha, it's fun being a Liberal piece of steamy-shit cause you can hypocritically talk about a "non" liberal any...
JOIN THE PARTY!! (HAHA! this is sooooo funny)
Racist Psycho Bitch in the Pharmacy isle 😱
CNN MSNBC ABC News NBC News The View An untrue fact told once is a LIE. An untrue fact told 1,000 times is fact.
My friend says to me, "What rhymes with orange?" I said, "No it doesn't."

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Pittsburgh Steelers Fan, Independent Pharmacy Fan, Technology Geek, Entrepreneur thinking Jack Russell Terrier. I'm ready to go, let's do this!!

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