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Sometimes seems common sense has been exchanged for politically correct rules - 11 rules for hugging at the office
. @ScrippsNet offers new digital food experiences including videos on multiple channels #GeniusKitchen @geniuskitchen
Exciting time for customers; so many ways to use #AR
Good tips @DR4WARD
Fascinating research.
Passing along to all my friends who are writers including the bloggers (!) @NetReynolds @marywelchwriter…
Really want to play around w/ #AR but not sure if the iphone 8 is worth the $$$$
@Unionhillkitchn Pleasure was mine. Loved listening to your stories about Food TV.
@Unionhillkitchn Chef - you were so smart and fun! Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences!
Everything you ever wanted to know about Food TV - 3 chefs who have been there & done that! 11a at #AFSE17 w/…
Important read for all doing #InfluencerMarketing FTC brought its 1st action against a social media influencer. Th…
Gr8 time at #GAAgritourism FAM @GeorgiaGrown - looking forward to meeting more GA Foodpreneurs at #afse17…
Makes sense to me. Fyi - #socialshopping
Internet:digital marketing grows more & more complex
Sweet story of how @tacobell played a role in 💍💕<client>
Truth. "Likewise, having a deep love of social media does not make you a social media marketing professional."
Agree. #socialmedia engagement
Numbers tell only part of your customers' #brand experience. Emotional insights often provide new competitive info.
Interesting research #InfluencerMarketing
@SherryHeyl @RBinhammer Yup!!

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