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TONIGHT! Figure Drawing Collective @ Titmouse LA courtesy of @dadward1200cc & Lisa Dosson. 8-11p, 15 smackers, do it https://t.co/NPjKKSFUZb
@VectimusPrime You're a noble sir
Tuesday Tip: A sleek iPad pivoted in your direction doesn't mean you have to tip 10%. Unless there's a cute foam el… https://t.co/g1QXrKg09I
EDIT: Weekly Model Drawing Collective TOMORROW hosted by @dadward1200cc $15 entry!! @ Titmouse LA, 8-11p. ($10 if you're an employee's bud)
@salFreeApps @chrisprynoski @VRScout you just summoned it by speaking its name, in caps!!
Chris P.'s been stuck in VR land so long he thinks he's in the woods and needs a favor from a lil cub!… https://t.co/zQqaWFLbe8
RT @tiltbrush: Check out @chrisprynoski of @TitmouseInc playing VR pictionary with #TiltBrush on @BillNyeSaves. Tune in: Episode 7, 24:00 o…
@ChunksTheMighty @brettmuller @rizgigg @misterslunchy Ladies be bumping! @adultswim
@TheNerdMichael Follow these explicit instructions: - Go back two years - Find every family in middle America with… https://t.co/mpDIshAMni
Watch Chris P. stick it to creationism & say stuff like "that sounds exactly right to me, Bill." on @netflix show… https://t.co/RCSFUGbAgQ
Work's almost over guys, so party like the sun's not still up. Be safe out there #FridayFeeling https://t.co/f1935CZaLo
I don't know!! Twitter wants us to why @twitter?? https://t.co/x8fw2BkR4C
Playboy knows their audience. https://t.co/tR6S0Rm4gG
Obligatory 4/20 tweet #hash #weed #smokingweed #marijuana #cool
Tune in to @BillNyeSaves to discover that Chris P. is just a human, like you, who breathes, bleeds, and he doesn't know what a beaker is
It's a meeting of the nerdiest minds in show biz, @chrisprynoski and @BillNye, exploring the VR realm through a fierce game of #pictionary.
ATTENTION science nerds & space babies, animation trailblazer @chrisprynoski appears on #BillNyeSavestheWorld, airi… https://t.co/bccq1qa4jJ
Congrats to Batgirl for taking the title by almost 50%. And congrats to @joss for getting to direct such a legend and fan fave. #Batgirl
RT @parkerrsimmons: anyway, I animated this guy being hot for a car once https://t.co/cqDHScebYq
Yes! the #owlbear is a very rare sighting. you are a lucky one! #blungeonsandblagons https://t.co/NJeaAEsx72

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We Make Cartoons; Metalocalypse, Superjail!, Professor Brothers, GI Joe:Resolute, Guitar Hero, Freaknik the Musical & more! Founded by Chris & Shannon Prynoski.