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How to wear: roll necks http://t.co/IaOT8x4YSE http://t.co/xiTdDIbsWS
The pre-evening accessories assemble - we've all done it #Bally London @BALLY_SWISS http://t.co/Zy9C806yAa
Cobbler cobbler build me a shoe - from scratch #BallyLondon @BALLY_SWISS http://t.co/4fdVjrDKjf
Shoes dyed to order - you're telling me tangerine isn't natural? @BALLY_SWISS #BallyLondon http://t.co/8OxSQWtuui
Can't wait to get le bottom in #lekilt come #SS15 @Sane_PR @sammccoach #pressdays http://t.co/tOnpPiQLXV
Going somewhere @IPRfashion? #SS15 #pressdays http://t.co/fa71YPORzB
Can never just stroll past an #Ashish rail @VillagePressLtd #rainbowrail http://t.co/0WhrlBN274
It's high tea time at Times fashion HQ thanks to @TMLewin #jamfight http://t.co/oNU39MtOQJ
RT @thetimes2: Grab your roll neck: knitted jumpers are back http://t.co/QfDhFtSOkb http://t.co/iRctLY0iFX
Oscar de la Renta: for the masses, something to aspire to; for the wealthy, a rite of passage http://t.co/qSeAJHqaJT http://t.co/6h3Xv05bTA
From milk baths to body lotion, here’s our pick of the top products containing jasmine: http://t.co/7TH5itFzEZ http://t.co/ZRRyCIku4a
Arans, cable-knits and roll necks — knitwear has gone traditional: http://t.co/49nU2wu37a http://t.co/KMafftXQaR
Oscar de la Renta — fashion’s American Dream http://t.co/1RoZ8at2bf http://t.co/QXX5ikLjq6
Me, an angel? A bra that fits would do: http://t.co/C6pnXyPNfw http://t.co/vlzcrYfRzm
RT @TimesObits: Oscar de la Renta, renowned fashion designer who clothed generations of Hollywood stars http://t.co/Szd034Dl3u http://t.co/…
From SJP to the First Lady, we celebrate some of Oscar de la Renta’s most notable creations: http://t.co/NmM6upyFoF http://t.co/wFpNJDMect
'Fashion's about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style's about being yourself' http://t.co/gvVsuPGp1k (EPA) http://t.co/CCLpr2Ec2G
RT @thetimes: Oscar de la Renta, fashion designer to first ladies and Hollywood stars, has died http://t.co/aRoMpKNJb4 (Reuters) http://t.c…
Cool winter coats don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, says @harrywalker1 http://t.co/bBgLMMIVb8 http://t.co/qMzN8RfEvO
This week on Monday morning's man, we bring you the wooliest knits around: http://t.co/27Cv5iadZI http://t.co/dYLleImpgY

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