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We asked 3 couples to rate each other's wardrobe. Here's the results: https://t.co/SQET0Bbbrj https://t.co/uwmC0WOqE2
Wanted: this patchwork @Topshop number for weekend snuggles https://t.co/8H4eRJVW1d https://t.co/QvrYeY0euZ
Flesh v fashion: which team will you be on this party season? #BFA https://t.co/Y7c0lAKO8m https://t.co/8sm7436Gfm
RT @NewsUKArchives: Tiger, the @thetimes cat, won a trophy. Read about it here https://t.co/X6UCJg0alg #explorearchives #archiveanimals htt…
RT @LadyCCampbell: Mum looks gorgeous. #imaceleb D X https://t.co/waIctSahpy
RT @NewsUKArchives: #OTD 1952, Miss Walter in a black taffeta cocktail dress designed by Norman Hartnell @TimesFashion #NormanHartnell http…
Flesh vs Fashion: @harrywalker1 on the #BFA red carpet https://t.co/UxapJSIWCh https://t.co/8DUSmWFWcK
5 reasons why a gilet will prove the most-loved item in your wardrobe this winter: https://t.co/fFpREiV6Cu https://t.co/GsIJWpVET9
What do you really think of the way your partner dresses? Three couples bare all: https://t.co/hsF3PE59Hv https://t.co/YuxBi9xMkp
"How do I look darling?" Three couples rate each other's wardrobes in @thetimes2 today https://t.co/gOLQUq7zEB https://t.co/508y2x0RgN
#HowToWear your pleated skirt in the office this week --> https://t.co/AiTdUTJBmM https://t.co/Sn8s9VRXYi
A lesson in getting dressed, with @eagletter #TimesInteractive #PartyWear https://t.co/K7WAbAfbuB https://t.co/EFpRcm6CDO
‘Sometimes life is about more than just the practical.’ @AnnaGMurphy https://t.co/NdLWZVpYlA https://t.co/nMUWVgcGv5
RT @TimesWoman: This Thursday: @margot_james_mp answers @caitlinmoran questions. Don't miss it, sign up here https://t.co/jePzEeAzBA https:…
It's about time you heard about @_selfportrait_ --> https://t.co/PzbjilPjQ7 https://t.co/TSeOe1AdhW
The LGD (little green dress) is your new must-have for the season, so says @harrywalker1 https://t.co/p3C8tGwfG5 https://t.co/2aaPeYur2k
Found it! Cutest #xmas campaign so far: https://t.co/eTIOdipOuG @caramel_shop #kidwear #presents #christmas https://t.co/Ikd6AWR7aa
Congratulations to Mr @JW_ANDERSON on his deserved double win at the #BFA ceremony tonight 👏 https://t.co/sZEG9iDJzy
Any colour as long as it’s black: Hilary Rose's guide to the perfect #LBD https://t.co/FAPJKmfcrp #shopping #party https://t.co/zl1ggspu1b
The price of great hair: salon treatments worth the dough https://t.co/yaijFnu0ip @lesleythomas @KerastaseUK #beauty https://t.co/dLsLPEO13x

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