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Poor Damon I like him and think he's really funny Gareth be nice!
Don't come knocking when its rocking!!
Tiger Play Pack users very satisfied mmmm... ;-)
International World Aids Day Today: Do u know your status? Lets stand together and support everyone we know. Get tested xoxo
What did the egg say to the boiling water? ..... You're gonna have to give me a minute to get hard, I just got laid by some chick! Lmao!
..a hobo and a rabbit met in a forest one day..Now you know where Hobbits came from lol.
If someone asks you if you "have a sec" , tell them that you have "lots of secs" and check out their reaction... lol :-) TigerPlay Pack!
Boy takes girl in2 bedroom,pulls dwn his pants &says "meet my lil brother" Girl picks up bag,on her way out says,"call me wen he grows up":)
Shape Healthcare: SEXPO JHB
Shape Healthcare: "Shaggin Wagon" Yep, You heard right :-)
Shape Healthcare: Current Products... Our Play Packs :-)
I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys-R-Us kid. Oh wait! They have adult toys now! Oh, hell yeah, let me grow up! :-) Tease, Please, and Arouse
Once Again, its the weekend baby!! Remember... Be good...! But if you can't be good, then be damn good at it! :-) DON'T 4GET 2 EMAIL US :)
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Whooooohooooooooo!! Its the freaking weekend baby... Enjoy urself... Don't 4get to get urself a Tiger Play Pack... U'll never 4get it! :-)
@DJFreshSA Fresh when last did u try the tigerswoodpack? Have you sampled the new pack Play pack?
Please join TigerPlayPack & check out Every 100'th follow will receive a sample.....
@DJFreshSA O deAR Fresh u sound PO'ed so no Big up to them
Please check out /
@WhackheadS Hi wackhead have u tried the play pack, Dr's recommendation...

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Innovation in sexual healthcare, general healthcare, complementary and pharmaceutical products. We pride ourselves in edgy, innovative and quality product lines

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