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I can't believe it's one in the morning here, I should be asleep! Dobranoc! Goodnight! 🌙 !
@fodderfigure Oh, OK, thanks for letting me know, 🙂! I'd never seen it before your tweet so I was wondering what it meant.
@fodderfigure What's an alltistic?
@ReadingAutistic Those people don't matter, from one autistic to another, being yourself is what matters.
@reigningit Thank you for sharing this, ✨! #ReigningIt #SocialMedia
@raphavarst I'm so envious! What a wonderful idea. I did check projector prices too but unless I win the lottery, that's not happening, 😂!
RT @reigningit: “Brands and the Power of the Consumer Voice on Social Channels” — @TiffanyHoran…
@raphavarst An altar of loneliness? No, not really. Although I understand where you're coming from. I was thinking…
@raphavarst I haven't owned a TV in ten years, 😂! Why don't you think it's a good idea? I'm torn as to whether or not to even get one!
@berkscyclist Two identical cups, two different beverages. Tea first.
@obecnosconline Yes of course, that's true, fear is something that drives a lot of people to make various decisions! 😊!
@marekkraft Haha, thanks Marek!
@obecnosconline That's good, it's awesome for sure! The #Brexit vote was so ridiculous. 😞! I was in Poland when I heard about it, so crazy.
@obecnosconline For sure! ☺️! So are you enjoying life in Warsaw?
@usd115supt Thanks for sharing this, it's very interesting.
@Clark_Shoe Beautiful photograph, 😊!
@obecnosconline @ucl @SOAS @UoLondon @RADA_London That's cool you were at Birkbeck, I've heard good things! ✨!
@obecnosconline @ucl @SOAS @UoLondon @RADA_London I used to get the Oxford Tube (24 hour) bus to London a lot, I do miss being so close! 😊!
@AXSChat This is incredibly important, 😊! #AXSChat

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