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@PhoenixNCMB Hey Melonie. Controlling the TV volume is not part of the features on the TiVo app. Please see link > https://t.co/l9jrYbGAx2
We have the defenses of #bingewatching you've been waiting for. What is your favorite way to marathon watch?… https://t.co/TjdfOssj0I
@Zimal10s Yes it records the exact bit rate & resolution the DVR is playing. It doesn't tell you what bit rate the source is playing though.
#SkinnyTV—cheaper #TV service with fewer channels—is on the rise, but often lacks sports. What do you think about sports-free TV packages?
Hi @LoganBear! Yes a TiVo box can be controlled by two different remotes.
Hi @Zimal10s! TiVo does record TV shows and it allows you to stream shows or movies on your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu, etc.
@catbert213128 Hi Nicole, sorry for the trouble. Heather tried to call you yesterday & got a VM. She left a message to call you back today.
@RKrim Hi Rosemary! Thanks for loving TiVo! But TiVo DVRs ain't still compatible with DIRECTV, but this can help you https://t.co/2nojqp3N9J
@j1digital Hi Jason! Sorry for the inconvenience but can you DM us your phone no. and e-mail so that we can further check your account?
Don't let walls stand in between you and your #entertainment! Access your #BOLT from any of your devices to get you… https://t.co/MlX8LLC1Tq
The #Alexa effect is real. How are you looking to use #VoiceControl technology in your entertainment space?
@jwu1980 Hello Vicky. Were you able to download the latest software version on your Android phone?
@Lzdotcom I apologize for the frustration. May I know the issue you've been experiencing with your TiVo device?
@desireeheadley If that still won't work, please give us a call to further assist you with this one. You can contact us at 877-367-8486
@desireeheadley we're sorry to hear that you're having issues with your TiVo App. Please try to uninstall and reinstall the app.
#Streaming services are on the rise, but #broadcastTV isn't croaking any time soon. What do you tune in for? https://t.co/cR21Gui3DA
Planning a lazy weekend? Fire up one of these hidden gems of #peakTV you might've missed. https://t.co/ZKRsWwehIr h/t @TVLine
@Zimal10s Unfortunately, TiVo can't transfer shows to a computer, unless you have the TiVo Desktop software (which we no longer sell).
We could all be watching #TV on our #VirtualReality headsets in the years ahead. https://t.co/skk1vxzSrL via… https://t.co/Q9apXLiwrJ
#DYK that the BOLT is #4K #UHD compatible? But don't worry if you don't have a 4K TV—the BOLT works with any TV. https://t.co/2Iw3xI0TA0

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