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@LOHANTHONY Did Firemen ever have to show up at your house & take out their hoses because you're such a FLAMER? Just answer Don't fantasize!
I've been scammed too many times by too many people - The only one I trust is free traffic;
Automated self help blog with drip fed content is an easy money maker;
This is like a network marketing tag sale;
RT @MindFortune: TESLA COMMUNITY! Get Access to #AlternativeEnergy Blueprints, DIY Videos, #TopSecret Patents, Forums, Support: http://s ...
The use of this ancient technology may result in excess gas;
Website Traffic Machines -
Remember When; Kids played with guns that were just toys
Remember when; You were excited to get your driver's license? Then you got the car payment, insurance payment, property tax, fuel cost ...
Remember when; You used to get a toy surprise in a box of Cracker Jack? Now you mostly get tattoos - why do kids need tattoos?
I've a theory that our lives on Earth are a vacation from Heaven. We tire of the peace & contentment & need a break from it once in awhile..

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45,male,CT,self taught professional auto tech, network marketing,inventor, collector;coins,comic books, worked route sales HBA & US NAVY, Want to be a writer

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