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gotta get off this computer, gotta get motivated. Someone needs to come light a fire under my behind to get me moving
I am determined to make today good. We'll see just how determined...
only 5 days left to win these
My hubby's aunt opened up a new shop on etsy. i wrote up about it. I sent it... now you can too.
fine... forget etsy for the night... I"m going on to x-box... oblivion, here I come
@PNminerals frustrating, isn't it
What the heck is going on with etsy tonight?
new blog post on newest etsy item - FOOTBALL! WOOHOO!
My newest etsy item
The first game of the season is this weekend...
trying to get etsy to work... them i'll add an item... then off to play x-box.. WOOHOO! I love the middle of the night
Dang... Something is messed up with Etsy right now. Anyone else having issues?
I'm crocheting a football field. seriously. You'll have to see it when it's done.
Lunch - left over pizza from chuckie cheese. Yuck.
@burlapworks I have a 10 1/2 month old and a 2 year old. They were a bit too close, i think, but definately both blessings
there has to be an easier way to purge those who won't follow back. Any suggestions?
My baby is 2% for height, No hope of her growing.I'm 4'10"
WAHM vs. Outside the home... What's your opinion?
It's morning now... Thought I need to go back to bed. 3 is way too late for me to fall asleep

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I'm a Work at home mom who loves to crochet and sell on Etsy

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