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You never forget your first...
We LOVE bagel Fridays. RT @niallspepsi: @TheSims3 nick alto everyone
<3! RT @AngelzMoni: @TheSims3 The first ever game I played and I still love it!!
We'd like to be there :) RT @Captain_Jim57: @TheSims3 Just relaxing at the beach on a nice summer day :)
@909090Lynn90909 You can make a papercraft Plumbob here!
@eloisesdiary @stylesbysophie And sometimes it's "Just one more skill point..." then you've reached level 10 in cooking :D
Fire! How much fun have you had incinerating Sims?
@paigey_99xo Yeah partied, traveled to the future, fought a mummy, and raised a The Sims :D
RT @paigey_99xo: when I get back to school everyone will talk about what they've done in the holiday, and i'll just be like... well I playe… is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. It will be down for several hours.
Coolest car accessory ever. RT @mirranda_: @TheSims3 I have a plumbob hanging from my rear view mirror
Cute!! RT @LozzieHakes: I am a SIM! Made from a bath sponge, pipe cleaners and paint. And a lot of glitter. @TheSims3
RT @nofunhalfpint: @TheSims3 just a little addiction no biggie (brought the rest of the sps for download)(can't find my Sims 1 games) http:…
NIce!! Which style did you play with first? RT @dansvisions: @TheSims3 Look at what I got today!
Ponies, oh my! Even Grimmy looks happy.
The Sims is now on sale at Origin. Get up to 50% off.
Caption this!
Puppies + The Sims Freezer Bunny = Cheered Up Sim. How are your Sims feeling today?
Grilled Cheese! But then we'll have salad to feel healthy afterward. RT @Moustache_san: @TheSims3 Grilled Cheese or Autumn Salad? #TheSims3
YES. RT @iPodZeke1: Thank plumbob it's Friday!!! #TPIF @TheSims3

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