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RT @WKatCrook: #MySuperHeroNameIs The Masked Procrastinator...
I doodle with my purple pen. Yes, it's still frowned upon, even at The Purple Store. #WhileInAWorkMeeting
Sometimes the raw photos are cooler than the final product photo.
Did I do it right? #stpatricksday
It's common for someone to have the last name Brown, Green, or White. Why not Purple? #ThursdayThoughts
My humble thanks to all of the passionate, creative, and mighty women I get to talk to every day! #InternationalWomensDay
Psst. Moving Sale.
@marrrina_ Clearly you're onto something!
Some guy looked at an onion that was clearly purple and said it was red. Now we're just sitting here, letting it happen! #ThursdayThoughts
I'm definitely with the President of Iceland on the whole pineapple thing. #WhyILovePizza #PizzaGate
Well no fruit except tomatoes, peppers, and bacon. #WhyILovePizza
This is not at all Purple Store related. I just really love pizza a lot. Though no fruit on pizza. #WhyILovePizza
Shooting a product video for our knives, but the real star was the cutting board. 8mo old and barely scratched
Men’s Oxfords back in stock with larger sizes now too!
Do links turn from blue to purple after you click them because you've red them? #ThursdayThoughts
Not enough purple stuff. #WhatMotivatesMeIn4Words
Out of purple. #TellASadStoryIn3Words
@bibliojessi You don’t say?

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The Purple Store sells tons of purple items. Small, dedicated staff running a fun business.