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I liked a @YouTube video Talia Joy 18 Unseen Video: Talia and One of Her Best Friends, Lauren, Having Fun
Sweaters! (@YouTube
I liked a @YouTube video from @macbarbie07 Fall Inspiration: Outfits, Accessories, & Beauty!
Dark nail polish, and boots! And I'd like to see maybe some scarves in giveaways and maybe (@YouTube
I love candles, leggings and boots and sweaters ! Everything about fall is so awesome ! (@YouTube
I liked a @YouTube video from @11thGorgeous Huge 500,000 Subscriber Giveaway! Makeup, Accessories, + more!!
#stilababe09giveaway boots.
I'm entering the #MACBARBIE07GIVEAWAY
RT @MichellePhan: Just painted my nails. Now I can't do or touch anything! #girlproblems
Hey guys I was wondering if we are bothering you or if you like that we post the videos we like and comment on thanks xoxo Kallie
@stilababe09 I go to school on September 3rd and I'm excited to see y friends I haven't seen all summer 👍 #stilababe09giveaway
Does anyone know any good money-making jobs for a 13 year old? Sorry, I just need money to buy a video camera for you guys. ~Rachel
enter me in the #macbarbie07giveaway
Hey guys I am starting to save up for a camera, but it is going to take quite a while. Sorry, ~Rachel
Sorry guys, we've been dead, but we decided to wait until we get a camera to actually make videos. ~Rachel
I hope I can figure out why the video won't upload! ~Rachel
Hey sorry I haven't been tweeting on this but I just set it up and we will have a video us ASAP btw the tweet that said me wasnt lol ~Kallie
I know nobody knows us yet because we don't have any videos up yet, but does anyone have any suggestions? ~Rachel
So, an error keeps occurring when we try to upload, so we aren't going to be able to upload tonight.😔 ~Rachel

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