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RT @Just_pinkfloyd: Special logo created for the 1992 Pink Floyd boxset - Shine On #PinkFloyd https://t.co/k8CtQsDA9s
RT @bpandopinion: Today • New Logo & Brand Identity for Disrepute by @TwoTimesElliott • https://t.co/RA3m77dfMo • https://t.co/JQpd7PXIHc
RT @everydayalogo: Biography of Iconic Graphic Designer Alan Fletcher https://t.co/R7FM3k6toe #GraphicDesign #LogoDesign https://t.co/bSCB…
March for Science 2017, in logos. Nerdsplaining aplenty https://t.co/DJ5g8m5vkH
RT @charlieINTEL: Official #CODWWII logo. https://t.co/6FFxZQPoUv
Wow https://t.co/FBuG2en2U1
RT @WLWT: Bengals celebrate 50th season with commemorative logo https://t.co/y2rVuFjEJR https://t.co/iz4rkiP11C
RT @Lydiarts: Working on a logo for my shop and promotional stuff~ Super pleased with how it's turning out! https://t.co/4fFceldU91
RT @thelogosmith: Here's Every Song on Guardians of the Galaxy's Awesome Mix Vol. 2 on Spotify https://t.co/HUxAeKrktk https://t.co/365rV69…
RT @VICE: NASA's massive photo archive is now on one convenient, searchable site https://t.co/8XHpmKDfTn https://t.co/Tdf0biCQfR
RT @Inkbotdesign: JWA and Intro Give Royal Museums Greenwich New Look https://t.co/Wb1dUOgyhR #Government #blackandwhite #compass https://t…
RT @BoingBoing: Enormous iceberg off coast is Newfoundland village's latest and somewhat temporary tourist attraction https://t.co/pR9dVHpd…
March For Science logo. April 22, 2017 https://t.co/96tdioyfDB
RT @TurkishAirlines: Our logo depicts the world's highest flying bird, wild goose, that can rise up to 29,035 feet. https://t.co/bEWh5YHCDt
RT @iMukovhe: Now I understand the Windows logo https://t.co/EFBg8YJ61X
@thelogocreative True that. Dude totally saved my ass on a Shell Refinery logo job.
Where to download the typefaces of iconic 90s TV show logos https://t.co/1Bh3Rw9Dns
@thelogocreative A friend in Morocco who speaks/reads various dialects of Arabic came in handy for those jobs.
RT @CreativeReview: Would you trust AI to design your company logo? Or do you prefer an actual human designer? https://t.co/WOWqzrHETI http…
Hot take: trENDs end. It's in the word. https://t.co/dVPXwQV0wb

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