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And we're back... after a brief, 788-day hiatus. Curious what we've been up to? Check out our new site —
Our new website is up & live! Take a look, & let us know what you think. We're feeling hungry for some BBQ...
@paulspicer you betcha! Happy, happy holidays and enjoy the sauce!
A coffee courier. That's what we'd like to see in #rva. Does this magic exist?!
Sometimes, you have to eat the peanut butter straight from the jar.
If we can all agree to just go back to bed, I think we can make it work. #rainyday
But what comes out of this magical contraption?
Real life office fear: forgetting to shut the bathroom door.
I believe Jay-Z said it best when he said "Cake, cake-cake, cake-cake, cake"
@Ed_Exclamation oh Ed, why am I just seeing this now?! You are the best, friend.
RT @Ed_Exclamation: The iPad was the least valuable thing I got from my internship @thekingagency. Thank you guys for everything.
Conversations about our new website include: sausage, donuts, BBQ, sumo wrestlers and Stradivarius. That's normal, right?
Monday morning hide and seek.
Hey mother nature, you rock girl.
There's a planter thief in our midst...
We're headed to Cville! See you soon VBA.
@DanaOutside haha! Basically! Now we just need to get him his own website...
@DanaOutside His full name is William Wendell Wallace but we call him Walter.

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