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I had to laugh at the idea of this treasury: Things that scare me. I'm scared of the sprial staircase, heights you know
I'm not always a fan of orange...but it does remind of autumn, which is always good. Thanks Plumheart!
Woohoo!!! Football season is only 30 minutes away!!!
Long weekend = camping trip = flat tire
Humm...have to decide where to go camping this weekend. The weather is going to be too nice to stay home. :)
Oh my...the dog has dug up one of the tree's roots in the backyard. She is playing tug-o-war with the tree. Go tree!
Thank goodness for Family Guy reruns! :)
It is cooler outside than inside the house today. It better cool off tonight in the house or I might just do a campout in the backyard.
Finish putting on some new music on the ipod...then off to the post office and YMCA to work out.
A wonderful autumn ispired treasury! Leave summer for fall!!!
@elfinwear I'm right there with you!!! Awesome TV night!!!
Decisions. Decisions. I wonder at what point do I need to start working on my Christmas projects?
@HautTotes I feel like I am in the minority....I actually like it. 5 feature ideas though would look a lot better...odd numbers and all
@elfinwear I love watching our cats do their freak outs! Great entertainment!
I love how great my hair looks after getting a cut and color! :)
Holiday Delectables by marszy on Etsy Marszy's treasury of autumn inspired things...
Sunny or Cloudy and moods...Weather Changes:
Ahh...rain. Beautiful rain!
Here I was excited about my new machine (it was a hand me down) and it looks like it needs some TLC at the repair store.
New sewing machine means a new quilt! :)

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