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RT @DaveyTree: "Davey's Anand Persad, Ph.D.presents today as part of the "What's up with urban forestry?" series (v ...
Create a mulch ring around trees 2 help roots maintain moisture. Leave 4-6" between mulch and the trunk. Bark needs 2 B exposed to air.
"Asian Longhorned Beetle Battle" (@houstons4)
Keep watering plants whenever necessary until the ground freezes, sometimes as late as January.
Summer's over for houseplants! Time to bring them in. They will be shocked less when inside and outside temps are about the same.
It's raining in Detroit! Our clients are going to be so happy! Clients being...trees :)
Got Scale? We have just the cure...visit for more information
RT @DaveyTree: NEW post In the shade - Blog "Castles in the Sky"
RT @emeraldashborer: City won't sit on its hands until emerald ash borer arrives - Crookston, MN - Crookston Times:
Keep roses cool this August w/ a good layer of mulch and be sure 2 water the roots at least an inch of H20 a week.
RT @treesandshrubs: Check Out the Earth's Oldest Trees
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RT @DaveyTree: Summer heat stresses more than trees
@houstons4 I know you miss my tweets :)
RT @DaveyTree: Our latest Blog post "Just Breathe" #intheshade
RT @PineLilyFNPS: Baby birds cannot be reared on seed. Birds need bugs! Plant native plants to encourage native insect populations as th ...
"Tour des Trees" (@daveytree)
Love this! "Tree"mendous article about a @daveytree Arborist caring for trees in Chicago!
RT @DaveyTree: Did your trees suffer damage in the recent storms? Locate a local Davey expert

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