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Palo Alto rock climber recalls Yosemite fall, technical rescue
RT @wadhwa: An Apple a Day, and Other Myths >I ate all those apples--and the spinach and broccoli for nothing?
Ice Climbing in an Alaskan Glacial Paradise
RT @ClimbingMag: Learn this: Save yourself an ascent with this handy toprope trick.
@AnneCarneyPhoto so great!
Important read about making sure those of us who like to play outside protect our eyes: Thanks for sharing Sarah!
@betsycurtin @SomersaultSnack @JennyRadloff YUM!!! I will try for sure. Thanks Betsy!
Best way to start the day! After coffee of course.
@CanadianVoyage @DeLormeGPS Yep- nice to have it all in one device!
Some good tips! RT @Columbia1938 After-work jaunt or multi-day trek, here are some tips on getting in shape!
Hey @mburkert - check it! RT @craigrandall A group of athletes came together to create jeans for muscular legs
In case you missed it - the new @DelormeGPS inReach Explorer adds navigation
@ginabegin That would be awesome! Ransom note went to Typepad for $Ms Crazy stuff. You can read here:
@Whitneyio I know! It's the worst feeling. Don't wish it on anyone!
@ginabegin not exactly - it's where hackers or a bot usually sends so much traffic it shuts down service to all users then sends ransom note
@ginabegin I don't know- supposedly the FBI got involved even so hoping it is finally over for good.
@JaymeMoye @lime9web Thanks for the tip Jayme- will look into it!
@ginabegin 6 days of outage is definitely not something to be excited about! Typepad was under DDoS attacks for days. Hopefully solved.
OMG THE SITE IS BACK UP! Hallelujah! That was definitely worth an all caps. Thanks for your patience everyone and sorry about outage.
@CampGearBlogger I know- thanks. Our host Typepad has been down for quite a few days now. Supposedly they are working on it.....

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