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Accountant - eathos
@iheartpingu my favorite tweeting bird. Happy diwali and new year.
New year resolution. Going to be updating frequently on web. #Resolution
Work Hard , Play Hard is the Motto!
@iheartpingu If you see the news , its gone bankrupt and people are going crazy all over the country.Are you going for viewing this scenery?
Just for the record, all these businesses are active and are not past adventures! I pride to make my small village hub to an Empire.
1st- Commodity brokerage 2nd-Tourism hub 3rd-Web Solutions 4th-Steel Fabrication industries 5th-Civil Engineering + Swimming Pool expert.
Finally I have managed to learn new field in business get grip over it! Living the joyful entrepreneur life.
@klair7 did you get your visit with toothfairy? :P
@iheartpingu where you heading ? And what's this pingu ? :S
#bharatbandh when will the nonsense bandh hoga with price hikes and corruption.
Petrol Prices in India will surely create situations like these.. #petrol #pricehike
Apparently No means No! #slap-victim #rofl
Immigration work in Dubai at times could be hectic like never.
Goood Morning Dubayy! Start of the day is same as before no fun without traffic.
@klair7 so you all still get chance to play bball? I miss the fun of money-baal
@klair7 liar liar pants on fire..

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