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RT @asalzedo: Looking for examples of Superman memorabilia (lunchboxes, etc) for a feature article, please send pics/info to alexs@thefi ...
What do James Franco's doddles reveal?
Big Lebowski trailer - the Doctor Who version:
Princess Bride boardgame on the way?
RT @shanaeilon: Guys, I wrote a review of @songformarion for @TheFilmPilgrim. Read it here:
Read our review of Maniac 'A remake gleeful in the spirit of the original'
The 6 types of people who watch the #Oscars
In cinemas now, find out why Cloud Atlas is like getting 6 tickets for the price of 1 in our review...
Also hitting UK screens today @songformarion continues the trend of films looking for the Grey £ at the box office
Can you name all the films in these ABCinema quizzes?
In cinemas today - heres our review of Fire in the Blood @fitbmovie 'An unbelievable and shocking tale'
RT @AtomicView: So I reviewed the #Maniac re-do and I thought... @TheFilmPilgrim
London at the Oscars
The secrets behind creating visual effects on film
Harlem Shake Wizard of Oz Edition
RT @stugone: Here's my review of @JuddApatow's best film yet: This is 40: @TheFilmPilgrim
Awful accents on screen
"I Dreamed a Dream" as if sung by Gollum:
Oscar Best Picture nominees recreated by kids
Dissecting a Trailer: what makes the cut

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