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Audio highlights from the December 3rd 2016 edition
The two nations, each with a sense of their own exceptionalism, have long been locked in a love-hate embrace
In 2017 the world economy will struggle to gain altitude #TheWorldIn
Much of the Western intelligentsia has done a dismal job of understanding populism. Read these books instead:
Risk aversion is hampering our ability to take on the largest challenges, argues @BoyanSlat
A new novel imagines the inner life of Knut, a baby polar bear rejected by his mother and raised at Berlin Zoo
With “A Culture of Growth”, Joel Mokyr has written an unconventional account of the “great divergence”
As the International Maritime Organisation meets in London this week, we analyse the winds of change in shipping
Virtual assistants will become smarter—and push into more people's everyday lives #TheWorldIn…
In Helsinki, ten times as many students apply for education degrees as there are places. Why?
“The Populist Explosion” is well-written, well-researched and powerfully argued
Italian voters have rejected Matteo Renzi’s constitutional reforms
Rashid Dostum is perhaps the most glaring example of the immunity many Afghan warlords enjoy
None of the 8m piece workers who hand-roll bidis cigarettes has been paid since the cash ban
The artists featured have all tread a different path, illustrating the complexities of the term “African-American”
RT @mgsiegler: From a "Pentium-processed, super-computer-enhanced draw" to domination again. ⏲⏳⌛️
RT @JamesFallows: For your Trump-Taiwan reading list: another very good assessment, this from Economist. Worth reading to very end. https:/…
In purely economic terms, cutting corporation tax may do some good, but for post-Brexit Britain it is a distraction…
Donald Trump faces his first China crisis before even taking office
After Erdogan's brutal post-coup crackdown, Turkey's EU membership talks are going nowhere

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