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A new blood test may be able to detect cancer and pinpoint where it is in the body.
DAILY RX: A new study reveals it might be okay to eat chicken skin!
A woman born without a birth canal opens up about her journey to have a baby.
Senior STD rates are skyrocketing! Is the recent influx of senior resorts to blame?
Can having sex regularly improve your work performance? A new study suggests yes!
A teen brutally attacked on Snapchat stops by with an update. Hear about a new law to address social media attacks!
Is @GwynethPaltrow's "goat milk cleanse" to rid the body of parasites Hollywood hope or hype?
Veterinarian Dr. Arvid Edward stops by to talk the dangers of taking medication prescribed for your pet!
TODAY: A woman born without a birth canal, and an update from a teen attacked on Snapchat!
RT @maxlugavere: we throw out TONS of food every day just because it's ugly! I discussed this sad fact on @TheDoctors TV show today: https:…
The creator of the StandUp Walker & "Funder Games" winner returns with an update! See how @Urise_Products is doing!
DAILY RX: Three summer foods that lower blood pressure!
RT @TravisStorkMD: My last flight was a great one! Why? I was lucky to be joined by the man, the myth, the legend and overall awesome flyer…
People are vaping essential oils, but is it safe? Find out!
A woman suffering from bulimia and anorexia returns with an inspiring update.
One woman undergoes a procedure to remove her "bra bulge"!
Are exotic mushrooms the new superfood? See what happens when #TheDoctors try 3 different mushroom powder smoothies!
How long does the average man last in bed?
Vancouver doctor asks patients to sponsor his retirement!
UGLY PRODUCE: Should you be throwing it away? Nutrition trend expert @MaxLugavere weighs in!

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