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Visited @milsteadandco this morning in Fremont for coffee during me Seatle visit. Great spot.
About to Judge two Barista championships this week in Vancouver @KupofExcellence and @baristathing both very different!
Yeah our site is still down, relaunching this summer....
Watch the United States Barista Championship today live
RT @foodista: 7 Great Easter Chocolates - With Easter Sunday just about here, you might be wondering what to put in those Easter b... ht ...
RT @RoastMagazine: Specialty Coffee Association of America Awards 2011 Coffees of the Year
Amazing Starbucks sure blew it with the change in logo #NewStarbucksLogoSucks
Happy New Year from global cafe culture!
Site is down, hope to be back up next week.
Fauberg Paris cafe in Kerrisdale has great coffee an it's better than neighbor Caffe Artigiano.
Tonight I am at Kafkas Coffee & Tea for a talk by Portland Author of the Cartopia book in Vancouver.
Kitten Latte decoratively topped, made by Coast Restaurants, Pastry Chef Alfred Contiga @Glowbal_Group
Buy your tickets early Go Nuts with Vancouver Foodster at the Fall Flavours Event Nov 23rd @vanfoodster
CITY TV`s Conviction Kitchen, Episode 3 that I was in last night now online at -`see Richard Wolak `the food critic
7 coffee blends, 7 charitable causes via @springwise
Writers Wanted | Taste and Sip Magazine
Nice Macchiato @bumpngrindafe on the drive!
Making Jack Daniels Ding Dongs with Chef Kat Tuason - Behind The Scenes #Sheraton #vancouver
Congratulations @BumpNGrindCafe for winning the Krups @kupofexcellence for 2010 Best Independent Cafe in Vancouver
Had a great time on the Krups @kupofexcellence tour today with @joypecknold @mayglobus @montecristo_mag @styleninetofive @Erin_Ireland

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