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RT @geogheganj: Looking forward to the bit where Vic swims across to conquer the women's island with his fishing rod #TheIsland
RT @hifiplusmag: WIN! Russell K Red 100 loudspeakers worth £1,700 must be won!!! To enter please visit
Austria won the first time since 1966! #EurovisionSongContest2014 can I suggest our World Cup squad all grow beards
RT @karlrolstone: I think they should give Prince Phillip, Graham Norton's job. Now I'd pay to watch that! #EurovisionSongContest2014
Everyone knows 3 is the magic number, sadly not these 3 #EurovisionSongcontest2014
The train of the San Mario lass' dress is a bit OTT #EurovisionSongContest2014
Is that Rydian in the Danish group? Hope Wagner will be representing a country! #EurovisionSongContest2014
@realtrevorlever sadly@hifiplusmag doesn't do classifieds. Try HiFi News, HiFi Choice or HiFi World. Or part/ex it. Know some good dealers.
Pls can someone help me? what was the 1st Xmas gobsmacker played on @achrisevans today. Thanks
RT @hifiplusmag: Calling all audiophiles...have you seen our new website please feel free to sign up for our newslet…
RT @TonyCowards: At a Buddhist football match, "You're going home in a tranquil ambience". #BestFootballChants
RT @hifiplusmag: We only need 3 more likes on our fb page to reach 1k. Pls RT.
RT @Luis16saurez: Paul Scholes car was stolen. He was going to tackle the thief but missed him and took out his fence.
Beating the recruitment machines
@realtrevorlever Many thanks Trevor. You're a star! Hope you're keeping well
Help pls! How much in real terms would £200 from 2004 be worth today?
Boris doing Dad dancing - quality! #closingceremony
Christ don't let George Michael drive any of the cars! #closingceremony ?
Willie Carson looks like Professor Yaffle from Bagpuss #iamcelebrity
RT @hifiplusmag: Give us your suggestions for the collective noun for a group of Audiophiles Make us laugh for a chance to win a... htt ...

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