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When is it time to call a doctor about your varicose veins? https://t.co/ybU26GXyUf
Happy First Day of Fall! It may not look or feel like fall yet, but we can't wait for all of the fun fall... https://t.co/GounqkKUsK
It's understandable to have questions about your varicose or spider veins. We answer some of the most frequently... https://t.co/6hkvopP3KR
We've all seen the late night infomercials about makeup that claims it can make your varicose and spider veins... https://t.co/kO1WTB0bSF
It's Fruits and Veggies – More Matters Month, which aims to raise awareness about the health benefits of fruits... https://t.co/D2JtmktrCQ
Happy Labor Day! We hope you all enjoy the last long weekend of summer! https://t.co/Rz50Y8KgGQ
Varicose veins develop because of venous insufficiency, which is the downward flow of blood in veins with damaged... https://t.co/FACMGuAdjI
Varicose veins can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. If you're ready to get healthy, beautiful legs, call us... https://t.co/LsaLUaHLcr
Yoga is another great exercise for preventing or managing varicose veins. It's good for your heart, which boosts... https://t.co/BWlUBNdsCs
Should you exercise if you have varicose veins? Yes! While it can't cure them, exercise improves circulation and... https://t.co/kWwhpvSgwR
Hemorrhoids, similar to varicose veins, can cause pain and discomfort. While some at-home remedies may be... https://t.co/igtZN3RAmo
Varicose veins are typically diagnosed visually based on swelling, discoloration and pain levels. Sometimes,... https://t.co/4vJS3fQgo6
Do you know the difference between sclerotherapy and EVA? Knowing the difference between our treatment options... https://t.co/AGX6J7GZm7
More than 30 million Americans suffer from varicose veins, but most people don't talk about them, so many people... https://t.co/HK7LidN0Ey
How do we get varicose veins? Because the purpose of veins is to deliver oxygen to the rest of the body, veins... https://t.co/EBKU1Co5ix
Swimming is not only a fun summertime activity, but it's also great for circulation! Try trading your regular... https://t.co/8Jk2s4dtfL
Happy Fourth of July! From our family to yours, have a safe and happy holiday! https://t.co/WxVkJ2azSF
Trying to find information about varicose veins on the Internet can be confusing. The World Wide Web is full of... https://t.co/egW1KFmORm
Summer has officially started! It's not too late to get the healthy, beautiful legs you deserve. Our minimally... https://t.co/i67P7usBP8
Happy Father's Day from the doctors and staff at Vein Associates of Texas! https://t.co/YrVy2uI6If

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