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@LifeOnaPlate @monilogue You, sir, are a modern miracle. That sign made my Ingles-jersey-clad body leap off the couch!
@5kl Never
@prodigal_punk Know the feeling
@slcdunk “Yeha nah, get fa#*ed mate”
@5kl Blatantly biased against Australians
@AllThatAmar Sleights works
@monilogue This is everything
@shandonfan I’m here same but it might be the nervous binge eating I did before #takenote #eatemotions
@AllThatAmar Ah yes I forgot you had a Classical education
@AllThatAmar 😂😂 it’s ANZAC Day here (like Veterans Day) and my AFL Team just played and won. Life is good
@AllThatAmar Distinct possibility
@AllThatAmar It’s 6pm here, so no
Can anyone explain the holding the ball rule please? And when you tell me can you also tell these umpires? #AFLDonsPies
RT @alex4pt: he whomsoever that canst draw the motorola from this carriageway shall be kinge of all post brexit englandde…
#TAKENOTE #thejoeshow
Apparently CP3 never commits a foul. Ever
@SurlyMae assholes, that’s who
@5kl negative = he now has no knee
@mcmda in Brown’s back and then the incorrect disposal

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