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RT @HumanoidLTD: Exciting day down at @TentacleMedia recording voiceovers. Already drank way too much coffee!! https://t.co/Yose3kn1wX
Got that #FridayFeeling with this hip-hop wizard walkcycle #animation I emplore you to crack the sound on for this… https://t.co/tzt9OmLhgp
Storytelling is a big part of what we're about, so it was a pleasure to produce this film for BBC Bitesize https://t.co/CufQ79L6rd
Tentacle, because we are Tentacle. https://t.co/BHL6WCtqQ2
@carthyaccounts @open4covercom @achildofmine @fifteendigital Sorry we couldn't make it. Sometimes our tentacles get… https://t.co/K5uUhRxnuG
@JanineCooperM No worries and likewise, we really appreciate it. Here's to an awesome week.
Another wizard doodle, the ice cream wizard hides in the cone and then freezes your mind with… https://t.co/Fu37cA9g87
@hasbean !!!!!? https://t.co/QQy0llIniZ
We're kicking off this week by climbing on our speedy boards and feeling the wind in our tentacles. Happy Mondays f… https://t.co/4Oz10JbXVa
@corner_botherer https://t.co/bizupHwT5F
Time to celebrate the bank holiday the only way we know how. With an animated doodle of a dancing sausage.… https://t.co/xxn9vU2pYN
@corner_botherer Hey hey, good to see you out here in twitter land. Hope you're getting chance enjoying the sun.
@jonmoss Likewise and you're welcome anytime. That @hasbean is trouble though, you've got to watch him ;)
@Cromerty Goooood morning, so far so good and the sun is still shining :)
Get ready for the weekend with a little trim. Here's a dinky #2D #Animated happening of such events in the #Sitcom… https://t.co/WrGokCOaRw
Not only @VoiceJayBritton smashing the #VO, but @GPVoiceovers bringing our #BBC #Bitesize #Animations to life https://t.co/Zg5hLSXjyx
RT @StaffsArts: Terrific #Staffordshire Animation and Stop Animation company, finding success with major TV companies, including BBC https:…
@ScottJoseph_UK Anytime. We really appreciate your kind words. We're always up for the bizarre and entertaining. He… https://t.co/3ihJyEVdeS
@Cromerty Hey hey and a good morning to your good self. Always enjoy your #VO, hopefully get chance to work togethe… https://t.co/xsCpW0yimK
Have a peep at our latest #animations for #BBC #Bitesize https://t.co/Zg5hLSXjyx featuring the incredible @VoiceJayBritton #VO #Skills

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