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The most important issue in California is no longer jobs. http://t.co/SS5lZDl27W http://t.co/kwVtQK6nYa #Temecula http://t.co/qdhXxR013C
MORE Good News http://t.co/y8g6bHn2iB http://t.co/kwVtQK6nYa #Temecula http://t.co/TLPYLYnGsA
GOOD NEWS for employment. http://t.co/gvCYOkPjc6 http://t.co/kwVtQJON6C #Temecula http://t.co/3BuXKoSyYf
What's the latest on Vail Lake? http://t.co/87LhDS4kPD http://t.co/kwVtQK6nYa #Temecula http://t.co/NeIek4RBa9
Why are home prices on the move? http://t.co/qFTCog7R0B http://t.co/kwVtQK6nYa #Temecula http://t.co/6Lnb0XT4Po
Does living near Starbucks affect your home value? http://t.co/qH37Mcztqt http://t.co/kwVtQK6nYa #temecula http://t.co/23u0uJHNFL
When is the Bluewater Grill opening? http://t.co/4IsMpSvMpg http://t.co/kwVtQK6nYa #Temecula http://t.co/lYJTB0joD6
When is the Bluewater Grill opening? http://t.co/4IsMpSNnNQ http://t.co/kwVtQJON6C #Temecula
Which of our local lakes allow body contact? http://t.co/aZAg1HU8f8 http://t.co/Zrtsu2BTpf #Temecula http://t.co/xm9UWdZsJJ
How do you dispose of old paint & other household chemicals? http://t.co/heOWR6GIjI http://t.co/kwVtQKFAuO #temecula http://t.co/Gah1wSMVzO
When is our Temecula water park going to open? http://t.co/Yh49FKSlii http://t.co/Zrtsu2BTpf #Temecula http://t.co/5OgBYRAHjj
Vince Lombardi will be at the Old Town Theater today. http://t.co/qhUO3DJ5qB http://t.co/Zrtsu2BTpf #Temecula http://t.co/SrBJujNYrp
What's in store for our local economy in 2015? http://t.co/vuIyKRcUri http://t.co/Zrtsu2BTpf #Temecula http://t.co/e7YKsNdVO0
Are the first time homebuyers coming back in 2015? http://t.co/JNbIesNOWL http://t.co/Zrtsu2BTpf #Temecula http://t.co/whQ8S6XJQk
Would you like to learn more about Pu'eska Mountain and Pechanga culture? http://t.co/qHOrlizfMb http://t.co/kwVtQJON6C #Temecula
The annual #Temecula Valley Women's Club home tour fundraiser is this Sat & Sun. http://t.co/xEw2KKAOyx http://t.co/kwVtQJON6C
What's the BIG NEWS at Pechanga? http://t.co/vSLLz2W43p http://t.co/kwVtQJON6C #Temecula
Will you be running in the Wine Country Race on November 15th? http://t.co/dSPb47sypg http://t.co/kwVtQJON6C #Temecula
What's up with the economy of the Inland Empire? http://t.co/UuWQOMYET9 http://t.co/HyRIChOpU6 #Temecula
FREE Concert in the park at the Civic Center in Old Town today 2PM. http://t.co/baJ60XhO4l http://t.co/Q9W7mh34ew #Temecula

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