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I slept straight through the night for almost 10hrs! Love Ya!
Complete your pre-sales research, including contacts at companies, in under 1 minute.
'3D printing is a gimmick,' says Foxconn boss (iPhone manufacturing Vendor) -
After h2o, concrete is the most commonly used substance in the world
A surprising factor in reshoring manufacturing jobs: the Time Zone differential
Factors involved in companies deciding to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US - case study -
Why do customers decide to manufacture in the US versus China - a case study -
Reshoring from a metal stampers perspective -
"Manufacturing Is Going (to New) Places: And What That Means About Jobs "
How can I help you idenfity and connect with prospective customers in your neighborhood?
What challenges do you face after trade shows?
What is the hardest part about following up with sales leads after a trade show? I'm looking to help! Reply for early access to new beta.
Online Machine Tool Auctions – An Economic Force
Reshoring Manufacturing: A Reality Check
The Seven Irrefutable Laws of Manufacturing Business Growth
For people whose products are used in natural gas production -- boom expected to continue for 'decades'
Meteorite crash in Russia, lots of video on youtube.
Declassified: America's Secret Flying Saucer
"The money made to be made w 3D printing is based off the prototypes of products created using 3D printing that are mocked up and tweaked."
How 3D Printing Will Generate Business for Production Manufacturers

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I help Suppliers find live Engineering leads. I'm the VP of Sales and Founder of Industrial Interface. We bring Engineers together with the right Suppliers.

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