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@coachdrs hello are you
Start the year off right!
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RT @tm_d84: 3rd Place: Ron Betts #TMD84
#tmd84 congrats Cedric Ching
#TMD84 Top Secrets in Leadership
#TMD84 in my Tips on Leadership session with Col. Carl Hunter
#tmd84 I feel lucky
#tmd84 having breakfast with the early birds
RT @tm_d84: 3rd place: Louis Sloan #TMD84
#tmd84 having an awesome time at Spring Conference
@tm_d84 @andrewkokitus Way to go Andrew
@tm_d84 can't wait to see you all there and meet and make more new friends
Take a chance you are worth it.
Awesome people in Toastmasters
@AndreMotivates you're work session was to hear more
@Toastmasters @AndreMotivates awesome..thanks Andre
#tmd84 #whereleadersaremade #globalleaders

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