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Trump, Rubio or Cruz for President?
The Founding Fathers Warned Us ... Democrat Party versus the Republican Party Decline
@glennbeck “Authentic DC T-Party Sign T-shirts” and design or a partnership. Thank you for your time & what you do for this country. Mike G.
@glennbeck Please let me know if you would be interested in buying the rights to the concept
@glennbeck noise. I sell a hand full of t-shirts each month but with your reach you could sell thousands. Here is a link to the website:
@glennbeck up and running. Like you I skip the b.s. . My staff and budget are too small to break through the internet
@glennbeck went off that the protest signs would make great t-shirts. I setup an e-commerce website and roughly 300 designs later I had
@glennbeck I protested for the first time in my life on 9-11-2009 in Washington DC. While looking at pictures from my trip the light bulb
Questions for Americans to Ask Themselves When Listening to President Obama’s State of the Union Address
Questions for Americans to Ask Themselves When Listening to President Obama's State of the Union Address
The answer is yes if they are apologizing to the low information voter who doesn't know they have been intentionally lied to.
Is it an apology if the person making the apology knew what they did, lied about it and has now intention on changing anything?
Simple Solutions to Medical Insurance and Healthcare Coverage
Our wannabe dictator doesn't want to hear from the people. What a surprise.
Funny how I called my representatives last week in DC but the President's lines were down due to the shutdown!
Veterans have stormed the Washington DC mail to restore freedom to the people. They have removed the barriers at the WWII Memorial.
Obamacare is an Attack on Every American's Freedom
Obama is spwing out the smae BS. The American factory worker sees all he needs to when he fills up his gas tank.
Romany will help create jobs by helping to get government out of the way of people like me trying to build a business.
The money comes back into the country so the company's can invest in America. Let it come back tax free ... let the jobs begin

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