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Nearly two hours on hold with Shentel. Got put off phones for the night. Lost $50 in income. Thanks @Shentel
yes. Franklin County. Holding for nearly 60 minutes. @shentel
@Shentel apparently I'm not the only one who has recently reported super slow speeds, despite paying for a higher speed service. #bullshit
@ChadThornhill @Shentel Ditto. This is absurd.
@Shentel Is there a system wide problem? My employer needs a reason for my absence and "holding" doesn't cut it. Holding 50 minutes now
Now holding for 42 minutes. About to lose a full night's pay because @Shentel wont answer their phone. considering changing providers.
@jemackay @Shentel did you ever get this worked out? I've been having trouble for days.
Is no one working at the @Shentel call center right now? holding for 30 minutes about poor internet service impacting my wah job.
Hopping mad at @Shentel right now. internet keeps dropping. can't work. losing pay and can't get anyone on phone at call center. :(
More power! @ofctimallen
I almost feel like we need to take more of a "what do we want to eat this year" approach when it comes to...
Want to take the free plexus slim taste test? Just reply here or message me w/ your address! #diet #notdiet #health
Plexus free shipping weekend AND a new slim/block combo? I'm SO excited for this news!!
I might have been hungry when I walked into the grocery store. I'm starving now.
How early do you start inviting people to a NYE party?
What will plexus do for you? I am giving a free gift to the next three people who purchase from me as…
First off, I don't like wearing polos or t-shirts. They just weren't designed for women with more than…
Katie insisted on giving me this rainbow sticker today. I'm going to keep it there until it falls off.
Who do you know that is diabetic or pre-diabetic? I can help!
Before and During plexus. I have a long way to go, but loving losing weight naturally AND getting healthy with ease.

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