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Text Message Marketing - Double Opt-in vs Single Opt-In: https://t.co/2GulvP34JY
Wait... What? The TCPA Doesn't Include Text Messaging? https://t.co/OBX2k3fTsI
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@JoceYale No problem! Yea, email derek(at)https://t.co/thCzEnLtvo and he can give you access to your short code's profile page.
@JoceYale You mean for the U.S. Short Code Directory?
How to Get Prior Express Written Consent For Text Message Marketing https://t.co/Lum8ybaWXa #FCC #TCPA #MARKETING
RT @davidgalante: Wow, thx to @Tatango for this @mobivity @subway RCS video from #MWCA17 Stay tuned for more brands & RCS engagement https:…
Text Message Marketing Week in Review - Labor Day Promotions https://t.co/MHaZD1Y3BB
Tatango Responds to FCC Inquiry on Reassigned Mobile Phone Numbers https://t.co/Vl3HnXiyxV #TCPA #SMSMARKETING
Q: What is the TCPA - Telephone Consumer Protection Act? A: https://t.co/NbYCdjhLx7
Donate $10 via SMS to support #HurricaneHarvey @RedCross relief efforts. Text HARVEY to 90999. Info… https://t.co/N0CgHK9c0e
Text Message Marketing Week in Review - August 7-13, 2017 https://t.co/GnrKtmSabA
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How to Grow Mobile Subscribers 520% Faster https://t.co/SIvrsrlv5k
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Verizon Increases Short Code SMS Rates by $0.0025/msg https://t.co/q91AP8N1Ei #mobilemarketing #smsmarketing

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