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Talkingsquid is set up at Sip and Swap at the Old Miami!
Down to sewing the final few pieces for Dollpile at McShanes tomorrow night! Can't wait!
I am so exited to announce that TalkingSquid will be making a debut at this show. I'll be making limited rugs... https://t.co/Kvv2T6cjFM
Working on the main sections and info for the new website- stay tuned folks! I have an exciting new product in... https://t.co/85NNw2R5G4
This is an incredible concept- and close to my heart! Talkingsquid has a very similar story.... https://t.co/XZsE42FW4u
I'm back! I am currently working on relaunching TalkingSquid. A new streamlined product selection, along with a... https://t.co/HEyt94O9O0
The thought of getting rid of this page for good is too sad! I am considering doing a limited number run of rugs. What do you all think?
Can't find the right gift to give this season? Fuck that shit! Hand stitched, framed & gift wrapped by yours... https://t.co/2hQ1vQuNQ4
Friends and fans! TalkingSquid rugs and pillows are still available directly through me as custom orders- until... http://t.co/0AYHu4RG9c
http://t.co/JrSA2IQvkn #nuttybus
My 2015 #smallbiz goal is cash! @CapitalOneSpark
My 2015 #smallbiz goal is more profit! @CapitalOneSpark
If you would like to order rugs or pillow please contact me here on FB or at talkingsquid@gmail.com for prices... http://t.co/IPjsDOMoKM
Dr Oz helped me lose 19 pounds with this: http://t.co/Jo6N0ZLGrt =)
I've just added grey to the $10 rug sale. Choose from grey, black or red small rugs in round, rectangular or... http://t.co/kOzC8nYcFq
You can now find TalkingSquid goods at http://talkingsquid.squarespace com ! http://t.co/5bDiUae8k5
Surplus fabric sale! Small black or red rugs in rectangular, round & heart shaped are now just $10. Message me to... http://t.co/rbrSYkGMtK
I have a CRAZY surplus of red t-shirt fabric, so small round, rectangular, and heart rugs in RED are now just $10... http://t.co/5SsAoyF3Sb
TalkingSquid's new website is up and running! Head on over to buy all of your favorite recycled t-shirt rugs and... http://t.co/tjxAxGLKvn

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