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FairTax Times is out! http://t.co/mQvIYiy9r8 Stories via @FlFairTax @baldeguy56 @AltruistWealth
RT @2ANow: Hands Up NO Truth - Mike Brown PBS LieChart - False PBS Claims Deconstructed Visually http://t.co/ZPqBoo4QxV http://t.co/f2KCg4…
RT @BringTheFlag: Everyone knows Deserter Bergdahl, Here Are The Men Who Died Looking For Him http://t.co/nAAglwsNv9
RT @CR: Quick *RT* if you agree: https://t.co/NpPzyLAaf0 . http://t.co/zCkmmjJu3Z
RT @nranews: Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit - http://t.co/1jy7LNUyRH #NRA #2A (via @ap)
RT @2ANow: Kroger’s profits rose “21%” after refusing to ban guns Moms Demand Action Can Pound Salt #2A http://t.co/JXYoEshJ1o http://t.co…
RT @TwitchyTeam: Brutally honest Boston Herald cover, Ari Fleisher zing President Obama on the Bergdahl-Taliban trade http://t.co/3WDJNJgSrx
RT @chuckwoolery: Is #SocialJustice just a good sounding generic term, or are there a set of laws that they use to enforce? It's pablum for…
FairTax Times is out! http://t.co/lod0DUvGbr Stories via @BusterTiberiusB @FairTaxMA @OKFairtax
FairTax Times is out! http://t.co/kUFPVtvkpR Stories via @EricKjos @FairTaxNancy @FlFairTax
RT @raney37fff: Congressmen, US economy would b very healthy within a year if anyone of u would lead the effort 2 adopt the #Fairtax. http:…
RT @ggeett37aaa: Ten Ways the Income Tax Harms Civil Liberties. Replace it /w #FairTax. http://t.co/S5wNu5rGZC
RT @seth37eee: Forms W2, 1040 & 1099 become mere memories when we replace t/income tax /w #FairTax. New reporting form is so simple! http:/…
RT @FairTaxOfficial: The TRUTH... http://t.co/bFqzXO4m3m
FairTax Times is out! http://t.co/asYOab8XLf Stories via @Theheadbull @GreenTea1776 @Witkh13

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