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OMG so funny "100 Excuses for Designers" by @uxpowertools https://t.co/MUijdXtORX
@AustinGrandt sorry about that, DM me your email
RT @SOSVvc: New #ChinaStartupPulse Podcast from @Chinaccelerator - feat. @TO of the Lean Startup Machine https://t.co/7ELSpA4qZG
RT @BernieSanders: Democracy is not a spectator sport. Don't look around and say, "Why isn't he doing it, why isn't she doing it?" Get invo…
@jsmejky @StartupGrind yes! cc @RalfWestbrock
@Blog_ologues @XOGroupInc :)
@founderfred thanks
@fredrik_motin sorry about that, can you be more specific and DM me where you found the errors?
RT @LaNonaPorta: "If you don’t want to lose a ton of money and time, your ideas should be guilty until proven innocent." @TO
Lean Startup Machine workshop is coming back to Munich, Germany! Get your ticket before they sell out: https://t.co/5hPCuAoCnP #LeanStartup
RT @founding: The difference between an #entrepreneur and someone who wants to be an #entrepreneur #ActionBeatsIdea https://t.co/XRsbuu1wAv
LOL "My MVP was DOA, so until I figure out my next pivot I'm driving for Uber." https://t.co/tuOoxJl3jn
“A lot of people have incredible narratives, but most... had uncomplicated access to opportunities...” https://t.co/tuOoxJl3jn
46% of Silicon Valley insiders say Silicon Valley is NOT a meritocracy: https://t.co/tuOoxJl3jn
RT @jsmejky: Had a pleasure interview this guy in #Shenzhen a while back. I also did a #podcast about #leanstartup & #leanenterprise w/ @TO…
good times #Zhongguancun #Beijing https://t.co/69efzbHU12
RT @anitahuang_sh: .@TO "founders usually fix on a idea/solution and try pivoting the customers. I've seen it hundreds times" @startup_stad…
@davemcclure @500Startups https://t.co/aTT6G0k2Y5
RT @laureltouby: Overheard from a burned Angel: "Always good ideas...but few get traction. Funding is easier to find than profits or custom…
Interested in the emerging industry of eSports? Follow @vainglory @MonteCristo @lilsusie @AchiliosCasts and @gankstars. Thank me later.

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