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@girtis @twilio https://t.co/n8WftATTwo
@gauberger @lauraklein that's key
@girtis @twilio a little confusing, I would change "once the next minor release" to "once a new minor release" bc n… https://t.co/FzZpHczXiA
@mdo @georgedyjr do it
RT @AdamWeinstein: Descendant of Thomas Jefferson and West Point alumnus makes a point https://t.co/fPV8mUoVMa
@girtis @twilio "...will begin its end-of-life process once the next minor release of twilio.js goes live (becomes… https://t.co/SZEeiPWsw4
@girtis @twilio thanks!
ICO: Blockstack Raises $25 Million for Decentralized Internet Fund (disclosure: I'm an advisor) https://t.co/tASrys7hPd via @CoinDesk
Investor Naval Ravikant Wants to Disrupt Twitter With Blockchain 'XPRIZE' https://t.co/zpqpY5EUWv via @CoinDesk
Beijing to Chinese companies: Stop using weird names https://t.co/sDLohDSgXA
RT @yourchinaguy: Alibaba just "created" a new 🦄 in Southeast Asia #China https://t.co/4qRZsjmJm9
@girtis @twilio thanks!
@yourchinaguy @kyleellicott @gankstars @PwntByUkrainian the power of authentic friendships
@twilio hello! what does it mean when you say Twilio.js version 1.4 is generally available? vs. 1.3
@kyleellicott meet @gankstars CEO @PwntByUkrainian, esports rockstar
SVG can do THAT?! by sdrasner https://t.co/nn3hhOA86s via @slides
Ask A Female Engineer: Thoughts on the Google Memo https://t.co/BaiG6dZtla
Interesting project from @kim617 -> The State of Platform https://t.co/iOeaDEesbf
RT @IanNoble: Finished listening to The Lean Enterprise by @TO & Obie Fernandez #audible https://t.co/8cbotEnaIt
RT @yourchinaguy: "I came to #China to build our grassroots network. The sooner you start, the better." - @TO, co-founder of @Lean #yourchi…

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